Passport – Stay Home

I wasn’t going to get involved in the debate about what colour passport or where it was going to be produced for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland – but what the hell.

I got my first British passport – it was black by the way and not blue which is probably why the right wing racists won’t admit what colour it really was – in 1966 which was a memorable year because it was my first foreign holiday.

I went with friends to Majorca for two weeks, ignored all of the warnings, got sunburned, drank Bacardi and coke for the first time and all whilst only being able to officially take £50 of currency out of the country.

Will I be prosecuted if I now admit that I took more stuffed into the toes of my spare shoes?
Oh and England Won the football World Cup under the guidance of World Cup Willie.

The thing is the British passport is a very potent symbol of our countries – as with every countries – identity but does it really matter where in the world it is produced?

Well apparently for some it does matter because by being produced overseas – OK in a foreign country by bloody foreigners – it somehow undermines the British identity.

Well back in 1966 the mini – the car not the skirt – was also considered a potent symbol of swinging Britain and people are not only still driving them today but are also buying the new mini vehicles which are mostly manufactured by a company from – overseas.

My point is I wonder how many of those who are getting so irate about the passport being produced overseas get equally irate when they go to buy a car, camera, television, computer or groceries from the supermarket the vast majority of which is manufactured and produced by foreigners in foreign lands across the globe.

Perhaps the answer is for them to buy only British goods and produce. 

Their diet will be alright but they won’t have anything to cook it on or means of keeping it fresh or even to transport it home.

But that doesn’t matter just as long as the new replacement for their dirty red passport is blue and made in Britain.

Which begs the most important question.

If it matters so much – why do they need a passport at all?

Go somewhere you don’t need a passport.

Just stay at home in the United Kingdom.

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