On Tour NC 500 – Day 5

On Tour NC 500 – Day 5

 Monday 4th June

Good morning everybody from a very windy and sunny Culloden.

Before I go on about what we have done today I have to say without exception all of the people we have met so far and especially in Scotland have been nothing less than very nice, polite and interesting people.

Where are all of the “see you Jimmie – what are you looking at” Scots?

A:- Oh and just to correct any misunderstanding about the Battle of Culloden Moor the English who died are also buried there though to be fair most of the or at least a large number of them were actually Scots – but best not mention that eh!

Or is it something to do with being on the East Coast?

And while I’m on about Very Nice People – VNP for short – one of the things that motorhome drivers do as they pass each other is acknowledge each other.

Don’t ask me why but they do.

Personally I favour a quick and simple lift of the hand.

Liz on the other hand goes in for the more flamboyant wave which reminds me of my time in the Royal Navy and seeing young radio operators being taught semaphore with flags.

Anyway for a bit of fun – I told you driving can be boring – we have named those who acknowledge us VNP and those who don’t as MIB’s (Miserable Ignorant Barstewards) and we are going to keep count.

Now Liz happens to be on some kind of motorhome website and happened to mention this – well some laughed, some saw the humour and some were down right offended claiming they sometimes don’t see the other person until it is to late and shouldn’t be labelled a MIB.

I’ll just leave it at that but we are still going to keep count.

So today we set off complete with dogs on public transport to visit the Capital City of the Highlands – Inverness.

I suppose I expected to see some kind of mini-Edinburgh and as a result was disappointed that it was very much like any other small city or town across the UK with lots of charity and pound shops.

It’s one retailing saving grace was the what looked rather newish shopping precinct.

On the positive side – and there always is a positive side if you look for it – the River Ness running through the centre of the city is fantastic as is the cathedral and perhaps most impressive was the law courts.

If ever a building was designed to put the fear of bejesus into a criminal perpetrator the Inverness Law Courts is it.

And having given my impression of Inverness it is apparently not only one of the most desirable but also according to recent surveys one of the happiest and best places to live in the whole of Scotland.

So good luck to them.

By the way the whole history of Inverness is interesting however a very, and I mean very, large proportion of it as you walk the city is all about Culloden and their glorious defeat.

Come on Inverness – let it go.

After our visit to Inverness it was back to Culloden Moor and a long walk in the nearby Scottish Forestry Commission (who do a brilliant job at protecting and replacing the forests) wood before settling down to write this drivel.

For tomorrow we are off on the NC 500 to our next stop at Brora.

It is now time for a wee dram so I’ll say.

Goodnight and …