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I know this opinion will upset and even anger some people across the pond but then again it is what we in a democracy call the right to free speech so if it has upset you please feel free to ignore it.

When President Trump said that he – in fact the United States of America – had decided to unilaterally withdraw from the international Iran nuclear agreement my initial reaction was one that lay between bemusement and thinking what a completely unreliable ally America has become under the current administration. 

The question is now how can any agreements with the United States politiclal, military or economic be relied upon by those they have previously made agreements or treaties with?

It is also clear that by rejecting the Trump approach to effectively “welching” on the agreement (as if it is a surprise that Donald Trump has welched on a deal) the three European Countries involved namely the United Kingdon, France and Germany by remaining firmly committed to it have also taken over the reigns of the “Leaders of the Western Democracies” from the USA.

They are joined in the Leadership role by Canada who under Trudeau are showing the US that they will not be bullied or pushed around by their noisy next door neighbours.

Of course Iran has to play its part and meet its obligations under the deal in order to continue to see sanctions against them eased and trade continue.

However we should also take into account that whatever the USA under the current administration says or does regarding taking unilateral trade sanctions against Iran countries such as India only recognise United Nations sanctions and in fact throughout the period of previous sanctions purchased oil from Iran.

In effect then the United States allies and India who are one of the biggest importers of oil in the world are simply ignoring the Donald Trump imposed USA sanctions.

So what does it mean for the future?

Well as the majority of people know once trust has been damaged – and be in no doubt trust in the USA to stick to agreements they have made has been seriously damaged and is increasingly continuing to be so – it will take an immense amount of effort by the United States to repair the damage.

It may even take decades and in some cases the trust may never be recovered.

If that is what Donald Trump and his supporters consider a price worth paying to put ‘America First’ then they now have to consider that their country is swiftly becoming a pariah around the world leaving the way open for competitors working together to compete against the USA in the world markets and openly scrap existing trade agreements with them.

I predict that this is going to be extremely hostile in the coming months and whatever platitudes are being spoken the trade war has started.

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  1. Did it upset you when GB decided to abandon the EU? Seriously now, it’s unfair to generalize the people of The U S, are in agreement with the actions of our illegitimate president. Hacked by Russia and a victim of the out dated electoral college this illegitimate president was elected to the highest office in the land. His followers for the most part (40%) bigots, white Christian male radicals, simpleton women who can’t think for themselves. Perhaps bitter that a black president was legitimately elected …twice. We’re working hard to stop this madman, to defend our constitution. Don’t forget the bloodshed on your land of Americans fighting and dying for your country to save you from the grip of fascism and on the shore of Omaha beach in France. Your biggest danger in Europe is Russia as is ours. They have already acquired Crimea, did you do anything to stop that? The majority of our people are fighting hard to rid our government of this scourge of a moron president and cowardly republican dominated congress. They are realizing the Republican Party no longer exists, they have abandoned it to Trumpism out of fear of losing power and of course, greed. Don’t write us off. We will overcome this travesty. Gloating over becoming the”leaders” of the West is not impressive. Democracy is the goal, isolation is unacceptable and GB has already bought into that under May.


    1. Leaving the EU is a massive mistake. I’m not gloating as you put it about the USA no longer being the beacon leader of western democracies simply stating a fact that if unilateral decisions are going to be taken to breach agreements then that is disappointing. As for the Ukraine issue I earned in a blog at the time that it would bring about a dangerous situation and that if the western allies ignored it they should be ashamed of themselves. Having said that thank you for taking the time to read and respond I didn’t expect everyone to agree with me and it just proves who upsetting and controversial the subject of the current USA Presidents and policies are as we saw recently at the G7 meeting. Thank you again. By the way in the UK our biggest enemy is our own Government.

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      1. Ii feel your condescending post looks on all Americans as being in league with this illegitimate government presently in power. He lost the popular vote by a windfall. We must do away with the electoral college, useful at the time our fore fathers put a constitution in place but no longer useful. If you feel your government is your biggest enemy welcome to our world. If you want to be the « leaders » of the free world good luck with that.


        1. Not at all. I don’t consider my Government speaks for me or my values however they are the Government of the U.K. And therefore do speak and act on behalf or all of this nation until such time as they are replaces. Just because it doesn’t sit comfortably with me it is a fact in the same way President Trump is the President of the USA and is considers to be speaking for America. It is a sad fact that there are 169 countries in the world, 7 billion people and when you look at the world’s 169 leaders it makes you wonder how we have arrived at this point in history. Perhaps this is the turning point and in the future we will find better?

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