UK European Xenophobia

I’m absolutely one hundred percent certain that I’m not the only one who thinks those who are jumping on the bandwagon of the shameful way those from the Caribbean who came to the UK after World War 2 – the SS Windrush Generation – have been and are being treated by this Government in order to justify their own EU xenophobia are simply beneath contempt.

Or perhaps I am the only one but that won’t stop me holding the opinion of them.

Worst still is their xenophobic racist attitudes don’t even make one iota of sense.

When the Home Office – under which Home Secretary the decision was taken and why has still to be established – decided to destroy the records of those from the West Indies and Caribbean countries who arrived here after the war they presumably discussed it and had a valid reason for doing so.

We have to remember that immediately post 1945 Britain was in desperate need to rebuild its cities, infrastructure and move its industrial production from war to peacetime production and that is why new arrivals not only from the West Indies but from across the Commonwealth were necessary and welcome.

We also have to remember that the Commonwealth of the time was very different with the majority of nations still effectively under direct rule and government by the UK rather than the proud independent nations they are today.

The truth of course is that we may have been on the winning side of World War 2 but the cost was the loss of an imperialist and colonialist empire and our influence across the world.
The maps of the world with huge swages of it coloured pink to denote the British Empire that I was brought up with in school has changed to one with very little – if any pink – to be replaced by a rainbow of independent nations.

And a bloody good thing to I say.

The anti – and especially the very anti – European Union xenophobes (for that is what they are ) will claim that it was different towards the end of the twentieth century because rather than being the colonial state inviting “our people” to come and help us rebuild Britain we had in fact become a colony of the super-state called the European Union.

Forgetting of course that rightly or wrongly we the people of Britain democratically voted to remain in the European Union in the 1970’s as compared with all of the Commonwealth countries who were colonised by an imperial power who also happened to have the military might to back it up.

But why let a little thing like that interfere with their prejudices?

They will even no doubt claim that the destruction of documents and the “sending them back to where they came from ” – let’s ignore the fact that they come from Birmingham or Bermondsey etc, etc – to the West Indies was probably a directive from Brussels to make space for Europeans to come and take their jobs.

Did we fight two world wars to be come apart of a totalitarian European state in replacement of our own imperialist empire?

Before that did we fight the Napoleonic Wars and create heroes such as Nelson and Wellington simply to build the greatest empire the world has ever seen just to let it go and be a part of another empire called the European Union?

My goodness how the mighty have fallen.

I have little doubt – in fact none at all – that the anti-EU brigade will argue that the European Union will probably be glad to see the back of us – and who can blame them – so that they can get on with building their super-state.

Of course if that was in fact true then what they fail to recognise is that as a European super-state of enormous economic influence they will effectively have a major control over the future economic prosperity of the United Kingdom.

But that doesn’t matter they will cry because we will simply rebuild our trade links with the Commonwealth – “our Commonwealth” – except of course the current Commonwealth countries had trade deals with the European Union and will they really risk them in order to prioritise and come to the aid once again of the “Mother Country”?

I very much doubt if they will.

I suppose the only expression that sums the whole sorry situation up is one that seems to have gone out of fashion – which is what a – buggers muddle.
Buggers Muddle

1. Mess 

2. Confusion caused by incompetence and/or lack of organisation 

3. Complete cock up

4. Unsatisfactory result, often with comic consequences 

5. Misguided effort 

6. Fiasco 

7. Result of failure to recognise consequences 

Believed to have been in common usage in the British armed forces from WW2, now largely anachronistic and used by older persons who remember it or have parents who did.

About disastrous outcome caused by mismanagement: 

“was doomed to be a bugger’s muddle from the very beginning”