Atheist is Best

I thank my God I’m not a Christian

Like Trump and Theresa May

Who claim their Christian Faith

Permits the way that they behave

To gather in for themselves

Greater and greater wealth

By not paying their taxes

And at the cost of those in need

They commit inexcusable deeds

While they pursue their dreams

Of being number one

Their victims are left homeless

Wanting nothing but a home

No longer hungry and alone

I thank my God that I’m not Christian

Or even Muslim or a Jew

In fact I’m so very glad

I believe in none of you

Whose leaders on this mortal earth

Do nothing but pursue

Their own self interest selfishly 

Fuelled by their own greed

Fighting wars in the name of their gods

Killing people by the millions

Just to fill their own coffers

Causing millions more to suffer

I thank my God I’m atheist

At least I don’t have to chose

Between the other religions

All of whom I truly hope

Will gradually decline and lose

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