Joining of Dynasties

I was going to title this short blog “In Praise of Plastic Surgeons” but thought the better of it.

Let me explain.

In the United Kingdom last weekend there was as there is every Saturday weddings taking place across the nations only last week there was one that took place in Windsor which was broadcast across the world.

Now I can understand the interest in the joining in matrimony of the grandson of the longest serving monarch on the planet and the woman who is unquestionably the leader of the free world having taken on the role following the election of … Alright I won’t mention his name.

Now I have absolutely no issue or problem with our very own Prince Harry marrying a “commoner” and even a foreign commoner at that.

I was I admit not in the least bit interested but like others of my ilk was a little worried about the age gap but seeing as how any lack of offspring wasn’t really an issue and anyway they were unlikely to ever become the monarch given the rate his older brother is knocking little Princes and Princesses out.

My lack of interest meant that I was apparently one of the few people who didn’t watch the wedding so you can imagine my surprise when I happened to see the bride on the front pages of the newspapers and the magnificent job a cosmetic surgeon had performed on her.

It looked so perfect I wonder what other surgical miracles can be performed in the future.

I wish them all the happiness in the world.

3 thoughts on “Joining of Dynasties

  1. Plastic surgery ie; rhinoplasty , boob jobs etc are very common these days, not that I’m implying Harry’s new wife has had any. I do hope everyone enjoyed the wedding, after all their tax dollars helped pay for it.


    1. 😄 I wasn’t interested in the wedding but really don’t mind the cost to the taxpayer after all we pay substantially more in subsidising millionaire politicians each year here in the UK 😡 And generally people like Harry 🤗

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