Helen M Nightingale – 9

The Men in Blue

When Nurse is pleased, and I’ve been good

And not sat playing with my food

Or smeared the nursery window pane

Or put coal in my luggage train

The thing she always lets me do

Is go to see the men in blue

I used to look in thro’ the gate

But that’s been boarded up of late

But this I do not really mind

For from the railway bank I find

That I can get a splendid view

Of lots and lots of men in blue

When I fall down and cut my knees

Or give my finger such a squeeze

I shut my eyes, and think about

The wounded I’ve seen sitting out

Nurse says if I don’t cry, it’s true

I’m being like the men in blue

And once we saw a funeral go-

There was a band – it went so slow-

It made me feel all queer inside

But oh, I wish, when I have died

That they would only give me, too

A funeral like the men in blue

Sometimes my daddy talks to me

Of battles found on land and sea

By gallant men in days of old

But yet, he says, when all is told

No men our history ever knew

Were braver than our men in blue

He tries to make me understand-

A torch goes on from hand to hand

The men of old kept it alight

And passes it down, still burning bright

And I, when my own turn comes due

Must take it from the men in blue