Karma – Is a ***** 

Karma – Is a ***** 

Why oh why can’t people and by that I mean drivers just show a little patience and especially when they are in slow moving traffic.

And when ‘Karma’ happens is it really so bad to have a little smile to yourself or even a full blown laugh at what has happened?

Last month I was visiting Northampton which in the three years since I left has certainly appeared to have done nothing to address the traffic congestion issues when the following incident happened.

As I was driving – in fact crawling along in traffic congestion – in the outside lane along the A34 just outside of Towcester there was directly in front of me a Sporty Audi – no idea what model- and in front of that a sixteen wheel container truck.

When and this where the fun started a space of about 30 metres open up alongside me in the inside lane due to a lorry driver a little further back in the lane clearly deciding that there was little point in racing because to put it bluntly all he would have been doing is racing to join the queue.

I will not go into my views of Audi drivers but in this case the young man driving the one in front of me suddenly – perhaps the sight of a space overexcited him – pulled across to the inside lane and into the space – do any Audi cars come complete with indicators? – which seems all well and good.


At precisely the same time a – I suppose he would be called a boy racer in the modern world – driving a BMW that was behind me had the same idea and pulled into and. accelerated down the inside lane.

Now one of Newton’s Laws state that a force will continue in a straight line until acted upon by another force and such was the case of an accelerating BMW faced with an Audi pulling directly into its line of travel.

The meeting of the front of the BMW with the offside wing of the Audi produced a sound that where I now live is expressed as “that sounds expensive.”

Still stuck in the traffic it was interesting to watch as both drivers shall we say were somewhat animated as the discussed and looked at the damage to their pride and joys that their joint actions had resulted in.

Patience they say is a virtue.

Impatience as this illustrated is likely to be expensive.

As a driver who gets fed up to the back teeth of others cutting in and out of traffic and the disruption to the traffic flow it causes there was an element of karma about the whole situation and with nobody hurt – and I know there will be some who will criticise me for saying it – I did smile.