The Question Is?

One of the problems that I’m sure – though it has to be said has only happened to me once to date – with social media – including blogging – is when a complete stranger makes a comment on what you have written and then appears to want to enter into an argumentative debate with you.

As I said it has only happened to me once and no matter how much I tried to explain the meaning of the article at which they took offence or that they have every right to both disagree with me and/or cease following me they for some unfathomable reason took offence again and continued to want to argue.

With seven billion people on the planet why would I – or anyone else for that matter – want to waste time arguing and exchanging insults with a total stranger who it is highly probable I would never meet.

I admit my approach was to decide it wasn’t worth my time or the effort which unsurprisingly seemed only to fuel the anger of the person who was already angry.

On the positive side of course judicial use of the ‘delete’ facility was used.

So however my question is :

“What do you do when a complete stranger wants to have an argument with you?”