British Shed Time

British Shed Life

As spring has now arrived – with the excellent sunny weather last week there is an argument in the British Isles that we have had summer early this year – and is on the wain I have turned to carrying out a peculiarly British task, that of setting up the shed – OK technically I’m supposed to call it a Summer House – for the summer.

I say peculiarly British because on my travels around the world I have never met a nation who – though I suppose there must be one – having bought a house to live in with all of the modern conveniences of double glazed windows, central heating, air conditioning etc decide to spend there summer months in a shed.

What many don’t realise around the world is the British like to pretend that we are like those who are guarantee good weather.

We love to bar-b-cue and eat – and drink – outside which poses a problem when we do namely what to do when it inevitably either starts to rain or suddenly turns cold -or both-?

The sensible thing of course would be to admit our error, move the food and drink into the house and have a party – that would be the sensible thing to do, however – not the British who see anyone who does that as a defeatist and the kind of person who lost the British Empire.

Not for us the comfort of turning up the heating and seeking the warmth of the home.

We are British and we will stick it out come what may whilst making one concession that if the weather becomes really bad – I mean sub-zero with 50mile an hour winds minimum – we will seek refuge in our shed.

We may even have a heater available just to take the edge off the freezing temperature.
And by the way this is bar-b-cue time so come what may we will wear bright Caribbean – which no self-respecting resident of the Caribbean would be seen dead in – shirts along with ill fitting shorts.

I’ve done my duty – the shed is ready so come what may and whatever the weather throws at us between now and October 1st – for information to any non- British people reading this we here in the UK only have two seasons 1st October to 31st March is Winter, 1st April to 30th September is Summer- it is shorts and tee shirt time.

Oh and by the way yes the photograph is of our shed.