Helen M Nightingale – 6


Said my Father, “Pretty? Yes

But the money she’ll possess

Does not seem to me enough

To outweigh a bit of fluff

For she’s that, is Mary!”

Said my Mother, “She’s a child

Still undisciplined and wild

Do not let a charming face

Handicap you for life’s race 

Think no more of Mary”

“When you are not here to see

Oh, she flirts outrageously!”

Said my rival, lying clown

So I promptly knocked him down

All because of Mary.

Mary shining at the ball

Seemed to justify them all

Beautiful exceedingly

Like a wicked child was she

“Fie”, said they, “on Mary!”

Says my Father, “Might do worse

Since she’s gone to be a nurse

Much of use she will be taught

There’s more in her than we thought

Better stick to Mary”

Says my Mother, “There’s no doubt

That the war is bringing out

All the best in everyone

Which is what you saw, my son

All the time in Mary”

Says my rival, “who could guess

Cap and apron and print dress

So would change a pretty girl

Why, she’s almost plain!” Base churl

Never fairer – Mary

Ball room Queen or VAD

It is all the same to me

Pitying eyes or laughing lips

Woman to her finger tips

Then and now, my Mary!