Death Reminders

One of the major problems I am finding as I get older is how the advertising business and especially those in the business of providing and therefore selling funerals appear to be increasingly reminding me that I am going to die.

Now I have no problem with the concept of no longer being here after all it is the ultimate fate of us all.

And yes now that I’m an old age pensioner – I refuse to call myself a senior citizen – I know that the majority of the days of my life are behind me but bloody hell fire I don’t need reminding of it countless times a day.

If it isn’t the friendly neighbour calling in to discuss and being delighted at getting Over 50’s life insurance to pay for their funeral its advertisements to take out a funeral plan.

I have to say one of them makes my laugh because they say they guarantee it will “cost less than you think.”

I wonder what they would do if I contacted them and said “I think the cost will be less than Β£1 a month to cover the cost of a Β£10k funeral so about your guarantee.” πŸ€”πŸ€”

What odds that suddenly “less than you think” wouldn’t be a guarantee.

On a slight digression the same “cost less than you think “phrase is used by a company who offer Luxury River Cruises down the Rhine – well ‘I think’ the cost is only Β£1 for a two week cruise.

What it’s more?

 – that’s not what you advertised 😑😑😩

But back to the subject –

Whilst I fully understand that funerals have to be paid for I am buggered if I’m going to or will be persuaded to give my money to anyone who takes such delight in coming uninvited into my front room – time and time again – to remind me I’m going to die.

I know that and am doing my best to delay it for as long as I can so please – and I say this in all honesty – I would like the funeral sellers to just “Bugger Off” until at such time and in due course at least one of them will have the opportunity to rip my family off.

The alternative I suppose it for my mortal remains to be put out with the bins – with the organic waste of course.