Right Not Might

Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer of Germany from 1933 to 1945 infamously said that,

“There is only one right in the world and that right is one’s own strength.”

Perhaps it is as well at a time of such uncertainty in the world that Adolph Hitler was not only democratically elected – albeit through a significant level of coercion and intimidation – and was accepted by the world as the legitimate leader of his country.

So when people say that history cannot possibly be repeated perhaps they are at the very least being naive.

The question is at what point will the people recognise what is happening and fight back against what is rapidly becoming if not elected dictatorships certainly disreputable self-serving democracies.

What history does teach us is that empires built on military might and military strength is always ultimately defeated and has never ever been proved to be right.

Of course it may be the case that people will ignore the warnings and rely on hope.

Right Not Might

Strength is not a sign of right

Strength is not a sign of might

To do what’s right needs strength

To do what’s right needs fight

Right is not a guarantee of might

Might is not a guarantee of right

Right is the only guarantee of right

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