As you wake on the morn

Lying cold upon the ground

I hope you hear someone say

That we’ve found somewhere 

For you to go 

Somewhere for you to stay

To put an end to freezing

Out here upon the streets

Somewhere safe and warm

Protecting you from harm

It’s time to put an end

To this life of hell on earth

Of you living on the streets

Hungry homeless and alone

I hope on hope on hope

That my hopes not wearing thin

And we can find you a home

Someone to take you in

That you will have a warm bed

A hot meal access to a bath

That you will have found a home

A place where you can sleep

Somewhere to live with dignity

A home that yours to keep

3 thoughts on “Homeless

    1. Thank you – It is beyond my comprehension how especially in some of the wealthiest nations on the planet there appears to be a general acceptance that homelessness is acceptable. It is baffling and even more so when it concerns ex-armed services people who have served their countries.

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