Helen M Nightingale – 1

I found three poems that are attributed to Helen M Nightingale who worked as a nurse during World War One in a London Hospital.

All that I have been able to find out about someone who must have been a very remarkable person both as a nurse caring for wounded service personnel and also as a poet is that she was Australian.

Which makes the first of the poems very appropriate.

And that as they say is that – so and this is a request to anyone out in the ‘blogosphere’ who can throw any light on or point me to where I can find out more about Helen M Nightingale – please let me know?

Thank you.

And so to the first of the three poems.

To H – in Ward A1

Oh, it’s fine to have seen

The old land that has been

My father’s and mother’s boast

But my heart slips away

On this chill winter day

To the warm Victorian coast

Oh, you’ve welcomed us home

And we know that we’ve come

As guests to a royal host

And we’ll never forget

Till our life’s sun shall set

On the long Victorian Coast

Oh, we’ve stood by your side

And we’ve fought and we’ve died

Where danger and glory were most

But the only V.C.

That I’m wanting to see

Is my own Victorian Coast