Nameless Warriors in Nameless Graves

I came across this WW1 poem and like to think the Anonymous Author of it survived the war and went on to live a full and happy life.

Nameless Warriors in Nameless Graves

Unnamed at times, at time Unknown

Our graves lie thick beyond the seas. 

Unnamed but not of Him Unknown

He knows – He knows – He sees

And not one soul has fallen in vain

Here was no useless sacrifice

From this red sowing of white seed

New life it shall arise

All that for which they fought lives on

A flourishes triumphantly

Watered with blood and hopeful tears

They would not let it die

The world was sinking in a trough

Of sloth, and ease and selfish greed. 

God surely sent His scourge to mould

A nobler and more honest creed? 

Birth comes with travail, all these woes

Are birth pangs of the days to be

Life’s nobler things are ever born

In resolute agony

So – comfort to the stricken heart

Take solace in the thought that

Was called to his last resting place 

High Dignity beyond the eternal sea