Lock the Door

There are always those 

Who want to knock you down

Most of them are in your mind

Let them in and you will find

They’ll bring with them

Constant fear and doubt

Don’t open up the door

No matter how loud they knock

Keep it shut

Keep them out

Keep the door well locked

The world is full of doubters

Who’ll claim to be your friends

They are unwelcome visitors

As friends they just pretend

They are the very people

Who want to see you fail

Don’t give them any –


Never let the fear prevail

Then there are the other friends

The ones honest and true

They’ll give you determination

Confidence – and share

They are the ones that you can trust

They are the ones who care

So banish all the visitors

Who with them being discouragement

And welcome in with open arms

Those who love and value you

Your family and real friends.

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