A Nation Paralysed

Spring has arrived in Devon with what can only be called a vengeance.

Just as the crocus and daffodils were showing in all of their glory down came the snow brought in on the freezing winds from the Russian Steppes which over dramatically – especially for Brits who tend to just shrug and tut tut at such things -the media dubbed “The Beast From The East”.

What it brought with it was a hysteria across the nation – good grief we were only a smidgeon away from declaring a state of emergency and putting the nation on a World War austerity and rationing footing.

Schools closed, flights were grounded, trains came to a grinding halt and people were taken over by a weather madness fighting over the last of the crumpets and milk in the supermarkets.

Food was being stockpiled for the duration that according to the weather forecasters was going to last for at least seventy two hours.

Forget Brexit this was a real crisis which paralysed and traumatised the nation.

However the snow has now passed and as it inevitably does nature has taken back control and the crocus and daffodils have stood up tall against the prevailing winds.

Except of course here in the picturesque typical English Village of Ipplepen South Devon where we live the rain off the Atlantic has arrived and though stockpiling the larder isn’t taking place the “Pest from the West” – yes it now seems that all weather fronts have to have a theatrical name – is going to bring exceptional flooding.

Whether we should go out and build an ark is currently being debated in our house.

Perhaps I’ll just apply to re- enlist in the Royal Navy because it seems they have a number of ships mothballed and laid up at present.

In the meantime I’m off to steal a life-buoy from the local river.

If you don’t here from me again it has been a pleasure to survive so long.

Good luck everyone.

Take care out there because I can guarantee that wherever you look tomorrow and every day thereafter there is going to be weather – 

There is no point in trying to get away from it – just accept the inevitable – there is simply no escape.