Unworthy “BrexitExtremists”


It is increasingly becoming clear that United Kingdom politicians who are negotiating Brexit are touting themselves around the Television and Radio stations – and in the right wing newspaper media – talking a great deal but saying very little about what they are actually achieving.

They are supported by their right-wing Conservative “Brexitextremist” Members of Parliament augmented by such as Kate Hoey MP from the Labour Party and of course the ubiquitous and seven times Parliamentary Candidate failed Professional Politician Nigel Farage.

What they appear to be doing is trying to explain why the lies they told and continue to repeat about what impact “Brexit” is going to have on the United Kingdom should now be accepted and regarded as part of the “normal” political process in our democracy because it is only being done for our benefit.

In simple terms that are trying to convince us – or is it that they are trying to convince themselves – that they are the only ones who know what we need and therefore deserve and worth the nations support.

It seems to me based on my limited experience of life however that when people and especially politicians feel it is absolutely essential and necessary to talk about how worthy they are – without providing any evidence of why it should be true – it is the precise moment they have lost it.

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