Pet Rescue – Lunacy

As I approach the start of my seventieth year on the planet and thought I had probably seen through life’s experience most things I have discovered that in fact the world is becoming an increasingly bizarre place.

In reality not so much as bizarre but it has reached a point of the world being in the grip and throes of absolute lunacy.

Now I’m an animal lover, we have a cat – who like all cats allows us to look after his welfare – and two Springer Spaniels.

We have I the past also had a horse.

However what lunatic decided that it would be right and proper for firefighters in the South West Counties of Somerset and where I live Devon to enter a burning building to rescue a pet.

They even – and I know this is going to be difficult to believe for some people – now carry “pet oxygen” and specially adapted oxygen masks on the fire and rescue vehicles.

Now I love my pets and will honestly admit that along with 90% of the British pet owning public consider them to be members of the family.

That’s 18 million pet owners that I have something in common with and can only think – as pet owners should do – that the two million pet owners who don’t regard their pet dog or cat as members of the family must in some way be deranged.

But that’s only my humble opinion.

Now I should say for the avoidance of all doubt that I’m not one of the 12% (2.4million) who apparently love their pets more than their partner or one of the 9% (1.8million) who love them even more than their children.

Which brings me to the lunacy of asking fire fighters to risk their lives in rescuing a pet.

And I’m not just saying this because my wife and kids may well read this.

If ever there was a situation that requires a member of the fire and rescue service to rescue my wife, children or any other members of the human race I would be not only happy but eternally grateful for them doing it.

However if they were going to risk their life in rescuing one of our pets and – of course it would upset me to lose them – but at the risk of a man or woman losing their life.

I don’t think so.

Perhaps it’s an age thing – and old fashioned – but I still think that human lives should take precedence over animals no matter how attached we are to them.

Millions throughout the United Kingdom clearly disagree with me.

As I said at the start – the world has gone mad.