Start Again

We cannot start again

That train has truly gone

The USA’s true colours 

Are not red white and blue

The fascist racist United States

Has a strange smell and hue

A country that once was great

Is now ridiculed with hate

Hate fuelled by the man

They elected as their president 

Things are now quite serious

For the American people

Who from all indications

Many of who have changed their mind

That the man they so badly wanted

Has proved to be a threat to all mankind

A madman and a lunatic

Driven only by his greed

He gives no sense of knowing

To what his people need

So now they have to face the truth

The greatness that they craved

May well see them lose their sons

May see them weeping at their graves

So no we cannot start again

What’s been done can’t be undone

Goodbye and goodnight America

Your time has finally come