“Brexit” – The Future – Liberal Socialism – Part Four

In this last current – because I have little doubt it will be something to which I will return again at a later date – article/blog on the issue of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union now commonly known as “Brexit” I’ll be outlining what I think might and should happen in the future.

I should start by admitting it is difficult to forecast or even predict what a “post- Brexit” United Kingdom will look like for the very simple reason that we – the public that is – have no idea what “Brexit” really means.

It may come as a surprise admission to readers of this who come from other countries but if you understand only one thing it is – we don’t know because our Government politicians who have engineered and mismanaged this whole issue – don’t know what “Brexit” means.

Unbelievably we entered a referendum that was agreed by the majority of the politicians – chiefly Conservative and Labour – in which no plans were put or are in place or thought had been given as to what would happen if the people of these islands voted to leave the European Union.

As a consequence we had no idea what negotiating position to take in the “Brexit” talks.
The last time the United Kingdom entered such a situation with no thought of what they wanted from a negotiation was in 1919 – 1920 which led to the Treaty of Versailles and look where that landed the Nation.

Nevertheless as I have said previously “Brexit” is going to happen – unless there is a complete change of mind, another referendum and we ask the European Union to forgive our moment of nationalistic madness and let us stay – so the people need to decide what kind of Britain they want to live in.

Will the people of this Nation – in fact it isn’t one but four nations at present – be willing to continue to accept the status quo as the current Government and to be fair the majority of those in parliament would like.

Will we continue to accept the disparity in wealth and health that exists across the British Isles.

Will we continue to accept the huge corporations and very wealthy individuals who claim to love this country but at the same time aren’t prepared to pay their fair share of taxes to support and maintain it.

Will we continue to accept the increase in crime, poverty, poor housing and sell off of the nations assets to those who are nothing more than asset strippers of the worst kind.

Will we continue to accept unimaginable levels of homelessness and families having to rely on “food banks” as a price worth paying to support our Government.

Will we continue to accept that the jewel in the crown of the Welfare State namely the National Health Service being privatised and sold off to the highest bidder.

I could continue about will we continue to accept the wilful and intentional destruction of our public services such as the police, fire and emergency, prisons and local government but I think the message is clear.

If we continue to accept the status quo then we are complicit and responsible for the consequences of such actions.

I believe that it is time to say no we will not accept it – not for us – not for our families – and not for anybody else’s family.

 “Brexit” in my view is an opportunity – a golden opportunity if you will – of bringing about a National Liberal and Social change to the United Kingdom.

It will all depend of course on two major factors,

The first is that the people of these island collectively shake off what has become a national frenzied electoral apathy and vote in the next General Election and all of the other elections available to them.

The second is for at the very first opportunity after being elected a Liberal Socialist Government should replace the unelected and unrepresentative House of Lords with an elected second chamber elected through a system of proportional representation so that all political parties are represented in Government.

I admit as I have written about before I would support the House of Commons also being elected by a form of proportional representation.

What this would achieve is the undermining of the current system that for too long has allowed the wealthy and entitled to maintain control of the system of Government and also remove the sycophantic methods by which political parties select their candidates.

A post “Brexit” liberally socialist Government should be committed to ensuring that services that are designed to be used by and deliver services to the public will be taken under public control.

It is inconceivable that the United Kingdom – who after all the Brexiteers have and continue to claim has been prevented from doing so by its membership of the European Union – can continue to pay billions of pounds of taxpayers money to wealthy individuals and organisations who don’t pay taxes in the United Kingdom.

What is also inconceivable is that this Government continue to also “bail” out the privatised public services whilst huge sums of money are being salted away in overseas accounts.

Public services such as prisons, rail networks, water, electricity, gas, education and most importantly the National Health Service should be in public ownership and as “franchises” come to their contractual conclusion they should not be renewed.

Alongside this a major infrastructure policy to build much needed homes and repair the nations communication network of road and rail will be essential to taking the country forward towards the 22nd century.

This doesn’t mean that nationalisation will lead to a totalitarian state because the professionals operating the services will continue to do so.

What it does mean is that the lobbying power of those wealthy powerful individuals who currently are holding the United Kingdom to ransom will be dramatically diminished.

The priority should be to look at political and economic internationalism and global trade not as a threat but an opportunity to hold on to what is the best of the United Kingdom whilst at the same time developing new partnerships which in my view should also included – and I know this is going to be unpopular with some people – applying to be a member of the largest trading block in the world.

For ease of understanding let’s call it the European Union.

Though I very much doubt it if the countries of the European Union will accept and agree to such a request given the abhorrent language bordering on xenophobia and racism that many of our current crop of politicians have used during this whole sorry saga.

The impact of which will be felt socially, economically and politically for generations to come and which they and only they by taking part in a liberally socialist revolution will be able to rectify.

Perhaps George Orwell was correct when writing about the need to salvage democracy:

“We must add to our heritage or lose it, we must grow greater or grow less, we must go forward or backward. I believe in England (I would say United Kingdom), and I believe that we shall go forward”

Interestingly he wrote this in 1942 when the nation was at its lowest and in serious danger of losing WW2 and what followed was a liberal socialist Labour Government in 1945 that was the most radical and arguably one of the most successful Governments in history.

I’ll finish by saying – 

Only time will tell what the future will bring but what is certain it is up to the people of these islands to decide theirs and their descendants futures and not leave it to the existing politicians who will only continue to make decisions that are self-serving and not in the interest of the majority.