Feminist Misogynist

I love being a feminist supporting misogynist and it is proof positive of how much I love , regard and respect women.

It is brilliant being a misogynistic feminist because I have all of the advantages – apart that is of being white and male – in that I have lived a life free from prejudice which entitles me to be as prejudiced as I feel about any subject and any person.

How can I possibly be accused of having a problem with feminism when the woman in my life cooks me my meals – of my choice – cleans and decorates the home, washes and irons my clothes, cleans my shoes, always pays our bills on time including the subscription to the sports channels and all without a murmur of complaint from me.

In fact as a feminist misogynist of excellent character I even allow and support her cleaning and paying to have the car maintained – though I draw the line at trusting her to drive it -.

All of this while she has raised two children worked full time out of the home whilst managing to continue to maintain being presentable and brilliant to look at.

I could go on but why should I – my life is perfect.

So I’ll finish by simply saying this …

“Dear Reader”

” I have been married to the same woman for 35 years and if I even thought like the misogynist feminist above I would by now be a eunuch”

You may of course know someone who is exactly like this – and who knows they may even be in a position of extreme power and influence – but it doesn’t make them a man in any sense of the word or its meaning.

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