Alphabet Language

You cannot use the “A” word

In the world today

Even though we all have one

And they’re all full of sh**

You cannot use the “B” word

It’s a word that’s crude to say

You cannot blame the parents

For how people behave

Some are born illegitimate

Other B******** are self-made

Don’t ever use the “C” word

In the United States or UK

Though it sounds like Trump and Hunt

To use it’s not OK

As for using the “F” word

It upsets quite a few

Even though it is a word

That’s often much misused 

But what is the problem

Isn’t how we all became

A part of the human race

By a couple F******

We all start off the same

And when someone’s talking nonsense

As politicians do 

Don’t say that they are talking S***

Because the “S” word will never do

Unless of course you use it

When trying to be polite

By adding on an “e”

Turning S*** into S***e

But most of all you never should

Use the “N” word most of all

It is a word that’s guaranteed

To upset and to offend

Unless it’s a “N” calling a “N”

For it may be that they’re friends

And that’s how language’s changed

And very soon we’ll see

That words will be obsolete

Which we will all regret

We’ll no longer have a language 

Only the letters left

It’ll leave us all bereft

Leaving us with a new language

It will be called the *lph**et