When telling untuths become the norm

For those who power obtain

Then lies turn into ire

It’s people who fear the pain

The fear turns into hurt 

The hurt turns into rage

No matter what those in power do

They can never return the page

The rage turns into courage

To stand against abuse

Turns the powerful to be fearful

As people seek and find the truth

The powerful become the powerless

As people together stand

In numbers there’s no weakness

People taking to the streets

Repression turns into resistance

Abandonment turns to hope

And from the hope comes action

That history has proved

Will always defeat the bullies

No matter how they’re clothed

And then the people mock them

The powerful are just loathed

The loathing turns to laughter

Laughter filled with hope

When the people roar

The powerful become the powerless

As freedom is restored