“To the Mothers Who Have Not Heard”

I came across poem this whilst researching WW2 but think it may well – from the style and language – be from WW1.

I confess even though I served for 23 years in the Royal Navy it is the first time I e ever come across a poem about the position mothers found themselves in.

The photograph is iconic “Wait for me dad – or has the little boy just let his dad’s hand go”

If anyone has any information then please share it with me.

“To the Mothers Who Have Not Heard”

Mothers! You who wait in anguish
Watch with dread for news each day
White faced mothers worn with weeping
Think of one thing when you pray
God has known your boy from childhood
Guarded, loved him day by day
Would he leave him just when duty
Called him from his home away
He who knows your country needs him
He, your boy, who longed to fight
For the sake of those who suffer
Will be precious in God’s sight
Living, wounded, dead or living
Face the words – one must be true-
Through your prayers be very certain
God is with him and with you
Author Unknown

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