Something That Happened At Mons 24/8/14

I found this poem written by an anonymous WW1 soldier.

Great Britain declared war on Germany on the 4th August 1914 so this was written twenty days into the war when people still thought it was a Summer Lark and would all be over by Christmas.

I can’t help thinking – Did the author survive?

Or whether the title should have been “Something Just Happened” because that seems to be the way of all wars – politicians fail and something just happens.

“Something That Happened At Mons 24/8/14”

T’was on the plains of Flanders

We’d had a heavy day

Hemmed in by guns on every side

Said we’d conquer or we’d die

When a shot from a German rifle hit my pal Jack

He fell at my feet gasping as death stood by.

T’was our last grip, our last grip

The grip that lingered near

Filled with recollections

Of memories ever clear

On Flanders plains I grasped his hand

But alas we had to part

Two old chums for ever

The grip that broke my heart


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