“Rants In The Dark” – Review

I have just had the pleasure – and amusement – of reading a book that I actually purchased this time last year when visiting New Zealand and guiltily haven’t until now got around to reading.

The title of the book is “Rants in the Dark” by a New Zealand author Emily Writes.

Now I’m a father who – apart from periods when I was away serving in the Royal Navy – like to think I was a modern dad except of course when it comes to understanding what Liz – or John and Rachel’s mum as she became known as (mothers will know what I mean) -went through during the early days of the kids time on this planet like any other father I have absolutely no idea.

Emily started off ‘blogging’ about her experiences as a “new mother” and the emotional, physical and psychological trauma of being handed a new born child and being expected by society to simply get on with it.

I often think that men hold the view that as they see women going through pregnancy and the changes that it brings about what they really think is –

“Ffs she’s not ill she’s pregnant – what’s the fuss about.

It’s the simple human solution to anything you don’t and never will understand I suppose.
Anyway the book has at the very least opened my reality of eyes of what women go through during Labour – though I doubt if even they can fully describe it – and her finding out that the expert books on the subject of how a child will develop is nothing more than a complete load of bovine excrement.

I hope Emily’s doesn’t mind but I’ve chosen to copy out one – it could have been a number of them – of her recollections,

Favourite Things

Eddie (Emily’s son): I need to make my dear mama present of all her favite tings and dat tings are:

Lots of wines and choc-an-list and money for them.

And my daddy’s favite tings are my mama and beers.

And lollies.

Emily Comments:

I feel as if the amount of emphasis on our drinking is slightly unfair…

Throughout the book Emily explains that through her experience as a professional “amateur mother” she has discovered that children are as manipulative as even the best and unscrupulous of professional politicians.

And that children love “luncheon meat” even though it is disgusting which is why adults and especially mothers don’t eat it.

It should be compulsory reading for all fathers and prospective fathers – cancel that – it should be compulsory reading for all men.

This book is perfect as one that time and time again I’ll pick up and read sections.

Title: “Rants in the Dark”

Author – Emily Writes 

Published by: Penguin, Random House, New Zealand.