Not To Be Discussed

The USA President won’t do anything to stop it 

The USA Congress won’t do anything to stop it

The USA Senate won’t do anything to stop it

The USA People won’t do anything to stop it

All they offer the victims and their families are their prayers.

I have a very sad confession to make and it is this.

I arrived home late last night -GMT time – to the news from Florida of the senseless murder of young people in a school and wrote this blog.

The confession is that when I wrote it, 

It wasn’t out of a sense of anger at the destruction of young lives, or the number who had already died and were injured, 

It wasn’t written out of frustration that once again someone had taken a weapon and removed other human beings from this planet depriving them of life and who knows what they may have achieved in the world.

It wasn’t written out of outrage at those in power who could and should do something about it.

My confession is that on hearing the news my initial thoughts were “Oh! another shooting” followed by “well it was expected and won’t be the last and anyway a USA problem” and then a realisation that instead  – as I believe anyone who is a parent will understand – it was a disappointment in myself because my reaction actually was bordering on total indifference.

And that when shared as an emotion with millions of others is what makes the situation for all of us the most dangerous and saddest of all.

One thought on “Not To Be Discussed

  1. If I was God, which I decidedly am not, I’d have a few choice words for those “Christians” who don’t do anything about all this gun violence but dare to pray for the victims in my name. Just saying…


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