I’ve been to war

Watched men die

Seen what man

Will do to men

In order to survive

It made me angry

It made me sad

But it did not make me cry

I’ve worked in a coal mine 

Men scrabbling in the dust 

I’ve watched men die

Well before their time

Coughing and suffering

From lungs full of dust

And though their time was nigh

It still did not make me cry

Then you placed our grandchild 

Into my protective hands

So small and so fragile

Welcome you are mine

I wanted to be –

A strong an upright man

A stiff upper lip you know

Was the way to go

With head held up so high

But bugger all this manliness

I didn’t even try

To stem the tears of happiness

That filled up my eyes 

I was so filled with joy

I sat down and cried.

Happy first birthday Finn

4 thoughts on “Manliness

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    I agree with you, the stereotypical manliness that is rampant in our world is so wrong. We are human too and feel and should be able to express our feelings openly without judgement.


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