A Generation Lost

I’ve written before about the role of a countries military personnel and how they are as a countries ultimate legal means of coercion called upon when the politicians either fail to recognise and understand the issues under discussion or even worse deliberately – for their own political ends – manufacture a situation in which war is the inevitable result.

What they don’t appear to care about whilst they are talking about how much the country owes to the military and declaring they are heroes is how it impacts on the individual lives of the men and women who have faced – and survived – combat.

The highest cost of war in terms of deaths in a single war on the battlefield and subsequently was of course World War 1.

Perhaps the summation of how World War 2 started only twenty one years after the Great War ended is by a man called Douglas Robb (1899-1974) later to be Sir George Douglas Robb CMG a New Zealand surgeon who wrote:-

“Almost a generation of the best men were wiped out, and throughout my life I have been conscious of this deprivation. In all walks of life many of those who would have been leaders were missing. The ineptitude of the decades between the two wars’ both in Europe and in New Zealand, may in large measure be due to this. Not only these men, but those who would have been their children are missing, and we have had to do our best without them”. 
Today we have a world in which the two most militarily powerful nations on the planet have Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as their leaders.

Do we – do the rest of the world – including the USA and Russia really want to lose another generation of young men simply to satisfy the egos of two egomaniacs?