Dodgy Advertisement

I have just watched a television advert by a company called Beagle Street and to say I watched it with a mixture of amusement and bemusement would be an understatement.

The advert for those who haven’t seen it shows a young couple who are in the process of moving into their new home – and their first new home at that.

Happiness abounds as they are unpacking their things and deciding where they will be kept – displayed – or thrown away.

Loving looks as you would expect are passed between the two young lovers.
Young love eh! – don’t you just love it?

So up to this point the advert says –

Ah! isn’t this lovely.

Then the scene is interrupted by the woman saying something along the lines of 
“Before we go any further I would be happy and think you should arrange your life insurance immediately to make sure I’m alright if anything happens to you”

He immediately responds unquestioningly – the fool – and reaches for the phone and arranges his life insurance with Beagle Street.

They both smile and life resumes.

Now being somewhat cynical – OK world weary cynical – it occurred to me that if Mrs P had told me I needed to immediately arrange MY life insurance as we moved into our first home – we weren’t married then – I’d start to think 

What has she got planned?

Even more so because I recall she wanted a patio built at the back of the house.

So I get why and the importance of life insurance but the advert and the timing it portrays I thought was really amusing and now I want to know –

Has she killed him and buried him under the back patio and did they pay out?