Do the Opposition Really Care?

I used to think – naively perhaps but who cares – that it was amazing how the general public, including myself are so easily fooled into believing politicians might just for once be found to be principled and telling the truth.

I emphasise “I used to think” which has now firmly been replaced by the experience of watching and listening to the current Government in knowing just how foolish it is to think that they have even a modicum of principles.

Which of course only proves to me that Theresa May and her Members of Parliament consider us all as no more than a bunch of gullible idiots.

Which by accepting what they are doing we most certainly are.

And it doesn’t only apply to the Conservatives.

I recall that during the very acrimonious Labour leadership debate I tweeted that I had friends who supported Jeremy Corbyn MP and friends who supported Owen Smith MP but in the end whatever the result we would still be friends. 

I have to say that apart from one who has gone off in a huff and hopefully will get over it the remainder of us do remain friends.

The problem is that while Theresa May and her Government are committing nothing less than institutionalised physical and psychological abuse against the disabled, the elderly, the chronically sick and the vulnerable which if committed by an individual would lead them to the Courts and Prison the opposition parties spend time tearing into each other rather than the Conservatives.

OK within the Labour Party there are still those, especially within the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) who are so opposed to Jeremy Corbyn they would rather see him fail than see the Conservatives replaced which is not conducive to being an effective opposition party.

I often wonder how more effective the opposition would be if such as Yvette Cooper Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna and other clearly talented Labour MP’s accepted the democratic result of the election and agreed to serve on the front bench in support of their Leader.

How effective would they be if Ed Miliband was invited to take a leading role?

In my view it would be very effective.

The Liberal Democrats unfortunately following the results of the last two General Elections are somewhat light on numbers but can still make a worthwhile contribution in opposition but when following them on social media seem more intent on preferring to attack Labour.

For the Conservatives it is the perfect scenario in which the opposition is divided in its opposition to the Government.

Lately we have once again been hearing politicians from all parties speaking about how they need to reconnect with the people of the U.K. and questioning how they could set about convincing people that they can be trusted.

The age old problem for the opposition parties is how do they convince people that they really understand the problems being faced and will perhaps even more importantly how will they address them.

It is all very well highlighting that the problems people face are caused by a callous, cruel, uncaring, and wilfully neglectful Government and its policies – but guess what? -we already know that.

What the people want to know is what exactly will opposition parties either on their own or in partnership – coalition if you will – are going to do to address the issues.

Will they address the WASPI pension issue of women being denied up to £48,000 of pension entitlements that they have already paid for?

Will they fund Local Government so that essential front line services to the vulnerable and elderly that have been cut to the bone or in so many cases stopped altogether can be restored?

Will they take prisons back into public ownership and staff them to the correct level – and while they are at it also take the probation service back into public ownership?

Will they fund the NHS and ensure that our public servants are justly rewarded for the essential role they play in protecting and looking after us?

– I could go on however I think the point has been made –

Talking and criticising is one thing

Actions are something quite different

But it isn’t only the opposition politicians who are – or at least – are guilty.

I have friends who are suffering from this Governments policies who themselves admit to feeling a very strong sense of neglect and no short measure of guilt that they haven’t spoken out often or loudly enough.

And yet we – and I do mean we – the vast majority of us, the population of the United Kingdom are willing to accept it without complaint which effectively whether we like it or not mean are in remaining silent being complicit and supporting the actions and policies the Government are implementing.

There is a very famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller about the cowardice of those who should have taken action against tyranny that is an accurate reflection of what happens when institutional abuse by the state is normalised and considered acceptable by the population.

I hope his estate don’t mind that I have used and written about this before using the best known version from the 1950’s which is:-

“First they came for the Socialist, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Socialist”

“Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Trade Unionist”

“Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –

Because I was not a Jew”

“Then they came for ME –

And there was no one left to speak for me”
Well we should all perhaps think on this,

Theresa May and her Conservatives have come for and are continuing to come for our grandparents, parents, family and friends they are coming for the disabled, vulnerable, elderly and the unwell and it’s time we started shouting from the rooftops that it has to be stopped and stopped now.

And we need to do it now because we have a voice to speak for those unable to speak for themselves and we have a voice to support those who are speaking up for themselves.

This is what all of the opposition parties in the House of Commons if they had any sense of integrity and humanity should be working together to speak about and getting angry and emotional about as they tour the television and media studios playing their pathetic inter-party political games.

My fear of course is that people and opposition politicians will as we have seen lately in the case of the man who died because he had to wait four hours for an ambulance continue to,

shake our heads, 

go tut tut, 

say it’s a disgrace, 

a tragedy, 


and then promptly forget it.

So here’s a challenge,

Do you know of someone who is disabled, or someone caring and struggling to cope with someone suffering from dementia, or someone who is elderly and frail, or someone who is suffering from chronic ill health, or mental health?

If the answer is Yes then think of this.

Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt and their Government colleagues don’t know them, 

Don’t want to know them,

 and they

Don’t give a flying f*** about them.

And why should they?

The dead, those suffering from dementia, the chronically sick or seriously disabled, the homeless don’t Vote.

It may well be you and yours they come for next


To the Opposition Members of Parliament and anyone else reading this

What are YOU, 

What are WE,

Going to do about it? 


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