Language – Dangerous as Hell

I’m beginning to realise that I’m increasingly out of touch with how words are now taking on a completely different meaning than when I was younger.

I’ll explain.

When I was very young just like the youngsters of today one of the great joys of winter was to wake up to snowfall and the fun of having an improvised sled and – we weren’t so posh as to go tobogganing – sledging.

“Sledging” a term that is now better known for the “winding up” of the opposition especially in the world of cricket.

But that isn’t what this blog is about, it’s about another form of fun which suddenly took an unexpected turn when I was searching the Internet.

I recently wrote a brief blog called ‘Snow Balls’ about the joys of children – in fact anyone who loves the snow – having snow ball fights.

It was only seven lines long so by any step of the imagination not a poem that will ignite the world of literature.

It was when I was looking for a photograph to illustrate the poem – which is the one used in this blog as well – that the surprise came.

In searching the Internet for the photograph I innocently and without any idea of what would happen typed in the word “snowballing” into the search engine.

There will those who know what the term “snowballing” means but to those who don’t all I can say is the images that came up were definitely not those showing people throwing balls of snow flakes at each other.

I’m not passing judgement because firstly I am not easily shocked or embarrassed and secondly what adults do in their own time for their own pleasure is entirely up to them even if they feel the need to publish it on the Internet.

But let’s just say it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting which raised the question in my mind – when the hell did such an innocent word suddenly become so bloody dangerous to input into a search engine?

I really must try to keep up with the meaning of language.

2 thoughts on “Language – Dangerous as Hell

  1. So true. Most of us of ‘a certain generation’ have enough life experience to figure out what the new meanings might be. Spare a thought for the dyslexics in this world, if they’re anything like my partner, they will be totally confused. Actually, this might be a future post!


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