Language Changes – Lolz

Yesterday I had the unusual – well not really – experience of finding out even though I thought I was up to date with the current changes in abbreviations as used by those I suppose at my age I should refer to as the – younger generation – I found out that I wasn’t.

It came about in an exchange of “messages” concerning a trip that someone – I’ll respect the fact that I haven’t asked permission so will keep the identity of the person private – is taking flying from Scotland to Hawaii for a family holiday.

The simple facts of the case are these, flight from Scotland to Chicago no problem.

Once in Chicago the flight to Hawaii was missed due to an error or errors by the airlines causing them to be stranded in Chicago.

This is where the messages started,

Message 1 from L in reply to other family members who had arrived in Hawaii from another part of the world.

“Very jealous. Missed our flight due to their fuck up. Sigh. Hopefully see you on the other side sometime”.

After a brief series of back and forth messages the following response from L

Message 2

Sorry for the swears. Lost my temper!

To which I replied 

Message 3

🤔I’m an old coal miner and sailor, believe me L that is nowhere near swearing – but a good effort 👍 – good luck with the rest of the journey

L replied 

Message 4

Bahaha I appreciate that. What I actually spoke was much worse! Lolz

This is where the lack of my current knowledge was so rudely exposed as is clearly illustrated by the response to L from MrsP

Message 5

Laughing my socks off as David understood the swear word but was totally perplexed with Lolz😂😂😂

The question of course is how does someone approaching the seventh decade of their life keep up with the instantaneous and apparently inexhaustible abbreviations to the language that is necessary to communicate effectively in the world of today.

On the positive side it can be very amusing.

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  1. Well done, I am enjoying your posts this morning while I should be getting ready for work. This is starting to remind me of an old potato chip commercial, I’m not able to stop with just one!


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