American Flaws

The USA for all the flaws

That Trump has now revealed

Perhaps this year they’ll take a pause

Now that the truths revealed

It is a nation completely flawed

Ruled by racist xenophobes 

The truth they don’t recognise

Revealing so many many flaws

They can no longer disguise

Their dirty secrets behind closed doors

The United States simply cannot face

That they’re now seen as a disgrace

A land so battered bruised and broken

No one believes a word they’ve spoken

From being the land of the free

She has now revealed all of the scars

Of the indifference her leaders have

For their people whose lives are marred

Whose hopes of joy are being denied

The poor being punished for trying to survive

By those who on their backs their wealth derives

The people though will one day rise

Against the leaders they despise

And fight back against the tyranny

Until once again they will be free

The future is theirs and theirs alone

They pick themselves up of the floor

As they fight and win against the flawed