Resolution 2018

It seems to me that at the start of each New Year – irrespective of when your New Year starts – two things suddenly come into focus.

The first is to reflect on what has happened in the previous 365 days and the second is what might or hopefully will happen in the forthcoming 365 days.

Now I know the psychologists and clinical psychiatrists always talk of “small step” incremental changes that will eventually combine into major events in our lives but surely just planning year to year in a life that could last 100 years is a little bit of too much short term thinking.

We all learn – or at least if we have only a modicum of intelligence – from the past and as we move out of our childhood spend an inordinate amount of our lives dreaming and imagining what the future might bring to us.

As we become adults and have families we spend time imagining what the future will hold for our children and the next generation.

The point is we have the ability every day if we decide to use it to change what needs changing to bring at least some of our dreams and aspirations to fruition so why is there such excitement on the first day of the New Year when people make new plans and lists of them. 

Now I’m not against making lists in fact just like many others I use them as reminders of what needs to be done – a timetable if you like – and especially if it involves tasks that even though I don’t really want to do them know they have to be done.

I do think though that New Year lists especially those known as New Year Resolutions may well bring with the excitement also a pressure to deliver what may well end up being unachievable and lead some to feel they had failed.

Well even though I am the last one who anyone should take advice from – not achieving New Years resolutions or completing a list isn’t a sign of failure and especially if it is because you have found something more exciting, worthwhile and enjoyable to do instead that has made you happy. 

Yes at the end of 2018 you may well have arrived at a destination that you didn’t dream of or imagine at the start of the year and it may well not only be a better destination but also a fantastic journey.

What ever happens this year always remember that at its end the 31st December 2018 will be followed by New Years Day 2019 – or as I like to call it – Tuesday.