I Write

I’m grateful to 

Those who read

What I choose to write

From the ramblings –

Of my mind

If they say –

They appreciate it

I think to myself

“How kind”

But what if-

No-one read

What it is that –

I chose to write

Would it make-

A difference

Would I carry on 

I can confidently say

I would go on writing

Each and every day

The reason is you see

That the reason – 

Why I write

Is really very simple

I write to please me

2 thoughts on “I Write

  1. That’s exactly what the reason should be. Because when people read what you write, some fall in love with it while some criticize it. But when you write for yourself, no matter what you write, it always makes you feel good, it makes you feel light. And that’s all we need.

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