Blogging 2018

I’ve always wondered if those who blog or those who are considered or consider themselves as professional writers set themselves targets for the year of the number of blogs, pages or even words they will write.

I ask because I have come to realise that I have somehow managed to publish at least one blog every day since the 9th October and wonder if it is reasonable to expect that it will continue?

Or is it just plainly up to me – which of course it is – so perhaps a target is in order to complete a blog every day throughout 2018.

I’ve also been asked – and it has also been suggested that I write about something I actually – or at least should – know about, i.e. about myself or to be precise the things I’ve been involved in and the experiences they have provided.

So this year that is what I’ll be doing and as the saying goes it will be warts and all which I hope when it is eventually published in 2019 people will find both interesting, amusing and some may wish it hadn’t been written.

I may post some relevant parts of it on my blog throughout the year as a taster.
Happy 2018 everybody.

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