The Eleventh and Twelfth Commandment

I have a philosophical and highly cynical view of UK Politics that has been confirmed this year by the unconscionable and undeniable dishonesty displayed by the Conservative Ministers who yet still have the audacity to proclaim and actually believe that they hold the principled and moral high ground.

The ultimate delusion is confusing your ambitions with your capabilities and if there is one thing that is not in doubt it is that the Theresa May Government is completely delusional.

Time after time this year they have been caught out at best intentionally distorting the truth and at worse actually telling blatant and bare faced lies without showing any sense or remorse or that it matters.

To provide some balance there are just as many opposition MP’s acting in exactly the same way with the notable exception of a few – a very small and rare band of few.

Where the hell has the morality and honesty of yesteryear that was expected of our elected politicians gone when lying or incompetence led to the individual resigning or where the Leaders of Political Parties would not accept it and sack the offenders.

The popular public perception of course -all strongly denied by the perpetrators – is that everyone is at it everyone does it and there is nothing anyone can do about it so why bother.

In other words just like me cynicism prevails.

Those MPs who argue the accusations don’t apply to them nevertheless are complicit with those that it does apply to because by not standing up to them they in fact enable the behaviour to continue.

It is the “not all men” argument and syndrome we hear when discussing the issue of misogyny.

Ah but they say – this is only a perception and not reality.

Well all I can is that in my experience behind every perception there is invariably an element of truth and reality

I suppose one of the best known leaders of the past who was known for his morals was William Ewart Gladstone the Prime Minister in the 19th Century about who I have just finished reading a biography.

It was interesting for a number of things but not the least for a comment he once made to a friend that “he had known nine Prime Ministers, seven of who were found out to have been unfaithful to their wives”.

In those days people talked about wives rather than partners.

How things have changed.

In 2017 the story remains relevant to modern British politics for what Gladstone went on to say which was that “they had the good fortune not to violate the 11th commandment” 

The 11th Commandment is specifically relevant to politicians because is states simply that “Thou shall not be found out”

Well the current UK cabinet have been found out time after time to the extent that we no longer have any idea when they are telling the truth having continually deceived and lied to the public.

Up to now I have lived through a period of 15 Prime Ministers,

Clement Attlee, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and now Theresa May.

I’ve been able to and have taken the opportunity to vote in the General Election that put the last 10 of them in Downing Street and to form a Government and whilst there has been some “notoriously bad apples” in all of them it has only been those that started with the Tony Blair Government where the numbers have increased to epidemic levels.

Perhaps as we enter 2018 we have to acknowledge that within Westminster a Twelfth Commandment has been devised that reads –

“Lie all you want because it doesn’t matter if you are found out”