Whose in Charge UK?

The past week has been nothing if not absolutely fascinating for the complete and utter disarray being displayed by the Theresa May Conservative – DUP Government and given the mess they have displayed during the rest of the years that is quite something.

It’s now reached the point that when going to bed at night you have no idea about what the state of play will be in the morning.

Take this week for example – I woke up to find that overnight the continuity director of the current production of the horror movie that goes under the title of “Brexit Freedom” had got it horribly wrong.

Whoever was in charge should be instantly sacked.

There I was used to seeing a slim blondish woman on the television who I and many others have been led to believe is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when something horrible with the continuity went wrong and she has been replaced with a – being polite as a gentleman should be – more robustly built dark haired woman.

Worse still the woman I thought was the Prime Minister had a very posh middle class English vicars daughter way of speaking her replacement has a very distinct Northern Ireland Ulster accent.

I was waiting for it to be announced that this was a trick of the light or some kind of joke only to find it wasn’t and more to the point isn’t.

Then we saw one of the producers of “Brexit Freedom” who goes by the name of David Davies admitting that even though he has for the past year been saying the script has been thoroughly researched and planned he was in fact stalling for time – or as ordinary people say – lying about it.

I’ve no idea how the film will end but I get the distinct feeling those producing and directing “Brexit Freedom” haven’t a f******” clue what they’re doing.