On Youth and Old

I was asked the other day

Are you scared of getting old

In response my reply

Was its better than the other

Or so I have been told

I’ve lived my life day by day

And I’m happy to say

It’s been quite an adventure

Looking back over seventy years

To see the lines appear

Experience etched upon my face

Life is for enjoyment

You only get one chance

So I’ve gone out and faced it 

I’ve given it a go

Sometimes you win

Sometimes you lose

But you never should forget

That life is for living

So grab it by the neck

To all young people out there

Listen to what I say

It won’t be very long you know

Until youth is cast away

You don’t stay young forever

But you do have a big say

A say in how you live your life

To be happy and be free

To laugh and to make friends

Refuse to accept boredom

Make your life worthwhile

Aim for happiness

Aim for fun and smile

And every time you see someone

As old as old can be

Remember you’ll be old one day

You’ll end up being me