Abandon Support for USA Foreign Policy

It has now become obvious to everyone following his recent support for the Britain First organisation that Donald Trump is not in the least apologetic for being a fascist racist.

With the increasing unpredictability – bordering on what may well consider insanity – of Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy is now the time for the United Kingdom to abandon support for the USA?

The reluctance of Theresa May and her Government to condemn the outrageous fascist and racist statements from Donald Trump should be of concern to us all for the very simple fact that in failing to do so they are enabling him and being complicit in supporting his views.

This is never more apparent than in considering the approach of the USA to foreign policy.

It has always been declared that the UK approach to foreign policy is centred around developing and working with partners across the globe with the overarching aim of achieving prosperity and security.

The reality is that Donald Trump and his Government’s foreign policy is designed to do nothing less than destabilise the world in pursuit of his own agenda – which is wealth – and this is never more so than in the region of the Middle East.

Yes Korea is an issue but in terms of the Trump Family agenda it is no more than a side show – a diversion – to distract the world away from their main focus on how to increase their wealth in the Middle East and Russia.

This approach to foreign policy is a challenge to the United Kingdom who appear to be unwilling to even attempt to influence him preferring instead to make excuses for who they regard – or at least who Theresa May and Boris Johnston regard – as a good friend and ally.

The reality is Donald Trump is not a friend or ally of the United Kingdom and any UK politician who in anyway believes or trusts him must be suffering from irretrievable psychologically damaged.

The U K Government should stay faithful to long time held values and rather than support Donald Trump should actively support the establishment of a two state solution to the Israel – Palestine issue whilst at the same time supporting the Iran nuclear deal.

Perhaps a start would be to cancel all export licences for the sale of arms to countries in the region after all what has it achieved except to exacerbate the destabilisation in the region.

The consequences of which has not only been an escalation in armed conflict but the resulting humanitarian crisis that has seen millions of people being displaced across the world, mostly across Europe.

Whatever the United Kingdom government intend to do – and it certainly won’t be according to Theresa May and Boris Johnston the right thing – it is now time to distance this country from the USA and abandon our support for the Donald Trump approach to Foreign Policy.