Celebrity Criticism – Keep Going

Ralf Little challenges Jeremy Hunt to a debate in the truth

I used to hold the view that all over the Western Democracies – including the few isolated lumps of rock I call home – those “celebrities”, actors, musicians et all who seem to be constantly pontificating to all and sundry about the state of the world would be wise to simply keep quiet.

I used to wonder where they got the confidence in their own superior intellectual wisdom from and even more importantly who on earth did they think was listening to them.

That was of course until the people of the USA elected Donald Trump to be not only their President but as such also their Commander in Chief.

Perhaps there was some kind of national outbreak of delusional insanity across the American Continent or perhaps they are all on drugs, whatever the reason overnight things changed and whatever celebrities say or do nothing could be as bad as their president.

Taking all and all into account especially the displays of childish petulance that Donald Trump always displays when criticised by celebrities all I can hope is that now they keep expressing their dislike for him.

Closer to home here in the United Kingdom we have recently seen the actor Ralf Little absolutely destroy the smug Jeremy Hunt the Secretary of Health and his claims about how he is saving as opposed to destroying the National Health Service.

Interestingly that this is one politician who refuse to debate with an actor whilst at the same time inferring he is inferior in intellect bug at least he isn’t a coward.