We are not all the same?

We constantly here the refrain from the winning politicians that the electorate at are not fools and can see through the dishonesty of the other sides arguments which is why they have voted for them.

In fact the electorate are fools and it is what winning politicians rely upon during an election campaign and when in power.

But what about the opposition – those losing politicians?

It seems to me that they use the same argument except with the twist that clearly the electorate are fools for voting the way they did.

So here’s a little advice for those opposition politicians – try being bloody honest for once – you never know people may start respecting you again.

But one thing is for sure 

You cannot profess to be better more in touch and more honest if you are using the same trick of being intentionally ambiguous so you can deny or claim it was misrepresented later on when you are in power.
By acting as they do – whatever their protestations – in one aspect politicians are very much all of the same ilk,

They promise things they either know the can’t or have no intention of delivering.

So yes in that respect the voters are not fools because we know what politicians are like.