USA Stupidity – Now I Understand 

I have a very precious friend

Living in the USA

I asked him very candidly

Just the other day

Are you never worried

Whenever Donald speaks

That whatever it is that he says

Cannot be believed

How can you have a President

Who lies all of the time all day

Ah said my friend

You don’t understand

It isn’t Donald’s fault

You have to blame his dad

For him being such a dolt

How’s that I say 

His dad is long time gone

You may as well go on to say

Let’s blame it on his mum

Well that’s the very problem 

Said my friend a little lame

You see the problem 

With the family Trump

Is that they’re equally to blame

For having sex and having him

A waster, such a shame

You see it’s not his fault 

It’s the way he was brought up

He’s a chip of the old block

He’s a hereditary crook

I apologise and really should explain

It is why he struts and preens 

It’s been passed on to him

Through the family genes

Thank you my friend 

That’s made it clear 

Now I understand

I’ll try not to embarrass you

I’ll never ask you again