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Bigly Biggest Ambitiono

I wanted to be seen as big

As bigly big as can be

My ambitions to be the biggest

Of the bigly big one day

I had a very troubled start

And sacrificed a lot

My dad only gave me millions

To set me on my way

With these words ringing loud and clear

That I follow every day

To be bigly big and bigger

You must simply lie away

It was advice that I did took

Without ever reading books

I even invented words of my own

And that is not a fact that’s ‘fake’

Which if I’m to be believed at all

Is a word that I invented

Though that may be an alternative fact

After all …..

I am the President who’s demented

But I know one thing that I have achieved

I am one of the bigly biggest bigly C’s

The world has ever seen

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This entry was posted on November 13, 2017 by in Poetry.

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