Hey America Ask Trump This

We had a very prominent politician in the UK called Tony Benn who once said this –

“If one meets a powerful person ask them five questions:”

“What power have you got”? 

“Where did you get it from”? 

“In whose interests do you exercise it”? 

“To whom are you accountable”? 

“And how can we get rid of you?” 

If the answers he gives are not

“That given to me by the people”

“From the people”

“For the people”

“To the people”

“Whenever we like”

Then Tony Benn was 100% correct when he went on to say

“If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system”.

And therein lies the nub of the issue and why the USA has lost all credibility with the world’s democratic countries.