Prison Failure – Paper Chase

The day draws near

Lots of things to do

From classroom to classroom

Tutor to tutor

Healthcare to security

My last day in stir

Is meticulously in place

Signing off the years 

I’ve spent in this place

Trying to hide the joy

Revealed upon my face

Holding it down

Hearing them say

“All of the best”

We hope we don’t 

See you again in here

I’ve passed all of the bits

But they like me well know

I don’t really give a shit

The staff they tried

They really tried

To make the system work

To occupy my time

But they well know

The paper chase

Does nothing to

Prevent crime

And so it’s time 

For me to leave

Nothing learned

Nothing gained

The end of my time

I’ve paid for my crime

Wasted years of time

I’m free today 

The paper chase is over

And no one really cares