Give Us all a Rest

I met a friend the other day

Who said something rather odd

When discussing my life story

They said ” You must believe in God”

Now just to clarify

And to let everybody know

When I look up to the sky

I don’t see any Gods

So the answers definitely no

But then we got to discussing

About the religious myths

Which got me into thinking

What if gods really do exist

So making an assumption

There is someone up above

Who designed and made the heavens

And everything on earth

And if he is omnipotent

Then here is some advice

Try and get it right next time

You have already failed thrice

Your first was an experiment

With Adam and with Eve 

And though it was not your intent

It failed at the first hurdle 

And ended in discontent

Then came along religion

Who all claimed to praise your name

Only they wanted priority

And argued who had first claim

It ended very badly

You clearly passed the blame

So you opened up the heavens 

And down came lots of rain

And when the rains were over

Those that you allowed to remain

Set about the task they had

Of starting off again

Your third attempt began to falter

Very, very early on

As religious fervour gathered pace 

So you sent along your son

A brave attempt to stem the tide

Of mans inability to cope

And sacrificing your only son

It was really your last hope

Well as we know the years rolled by

And religious fervour hasn’t eased

It causes more deaths to mankind

Than any other disease

So god if you exist

Perhaps you need to learn

That man is the main problem

For everyone concerned

So let’s have a fourth attempt

May I humbly suggest

You get rid of all religions

And give us all a rest